Below you’ll find information about State Health Plan enrollment. The first has Open Enrollment dates (Sept. 30-October 31, 2017) for the Medicare Advantage Basic Plan, the Medicare Advantage Enhanced Plan, and the BCBS 70/30 Plan. The second lists the dates, times and sites for the statewide Outreach meetings where insureds can go to get more information. Meanwhile, here is what we know:


  • There is no premium charged to the retiree for the Medicare Advantage Basic Plan or the 70/30 Plan (administered by BCBS).
  • The retiree must pay a premium for the Medicare Advantage Enhanced Plan.
  • In all cases, the retiree must pay a premium for spouse or dependent To be clear, this applies to all three plans.
  • As of this date, there is no official information on the price of the premium for the parts of the plans that require them, but remember that the open enrollment period doesn’t start until September 30 and does not end until October 31. Insureds have plenty of time to review the plans and consider which premiums (if any) will apply to the plan they choose.