North Carolina Retired School Personnel (NCRSP) is a division of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and accounts for approximately 12,000 of their 60,000 members.  Membership in NCRSP includes all categories of retired school system employees, both certified and noncertified.  

NCRSP will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2011.  In addition to having a state office in Raleigh, NC at the NCAE Center, NCRSP is organized into 97 local units and 15 geographic districts.  An Executive Board comprised of elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Past President), district presidents, and committee chairs, meets twice yearly.

The mission of the Division is to be the premier statewide association for all retired education personnel, acting collectively to enhance retirement and health care benefits and to serve the community and its educational needs. 

The purposes of the Division are:
  • To promote the social, economic, and professional status of retired school personnel.
  • To support the NCAE and the NEA in programs to advance the quality of education and promote the welfare of members.
  • To act on behalf of retired school personnel on problems involving their health, welfare, interests, and other needs.
  • To lobby the State General Assembly on legislation related to the State Retirement System and the State Health Plan.
  • To encourage members to actively influence state and federal legislators on legislation that impacts the quality of retirement living for members of the Division and other retirees.
  • To cooperate with the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA), a division of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and other organizations of retired persons with common goals in promoting programs of mutual concern.
  • To encourage every member to find some avenue to volunteer.

Members Are Our Mission
North Carolina Retired School Personnel
North Carolina Retired School Personnel (NCRSP), the retired division of the North Carolina Education Association (NCAE), is the only state association dedicated solely to working on behalf of all retired education personnel. Please join us in our mission to strengthen the education retiree voice in North Carolina by becoming an NCRSP member.

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Our membership includes all categories of retired school system employees; certified and noncertified.  Beyond the benefits and programs available to our members through their membership in NEA, NCAE and NCRSP our local units also provide opportunities for social interaction, current information on health and retirement issues and opportunities for community service.  The organization gives its members the opportunity to stay professionally and socially involved with colleagues. 

Member Benefits include: 
  • Vision Discount Plan:  Members have access to the NC Vision Health Plan 1500.  No premiums. This plan provides NCRSP members discounts on eye exams and eyewear when using a participating optometrist or ophthalmologist. (Ask your local RSP President for a copy of the form to enroll or visit the provider locator at www.ncvision.com or call 1-800-820-3132 (M-Thurs.) if you have questions.
  • NEW NEA Dental and Vision Insurance:  Go to www.NEADental.org for plan options, prices, and to apply online, or call 1-866-984-7730.
  • Hearing Benefit Plan:  Provided by Hear in America offers free annual hearing screening for you and your immediate family.  Discounts on hearing devices.  Call 1-800-286-6149 for more information.
  • NCRSP Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance:  Members are automatically covered --$7,500 coverage for “payroll” dues deduction from retirement check and $2,500 coverage for members who pay “cash pay” annual dues.  (Horace Mann)
  • NEA offers up to $50,000 of AD & D insurance for retired members for covered events while acting on association business in the capacity of an Association Leader.
  • Two registered lobbyists working on behalf of members. 
  • Publications: NCRSP Panorama, NCAE News Bulletin, This Active Life, and NEA Today.
  • NEA/NCAE Member/Access Discount Card:  Activate your member card by going to www.ncae.org or calling 1-888-313-6648.  Save up to 50% on dining, shopping, cruises, hotels, recreation, golf, travel, health and beauty and much more.  Allows you to locate discounts in your zip code area. 
  • NCAE Insurance Programs: Opportunity to purchase a Term Life insurance plan that provides coverage up to $300,000.  No physical exam is required, and spouses may apply even if members do not.  Call 1-800-422-4186 or more information or download an application at www.ncae.org    
  • NEA Insurance Programs:  Long-Term Care Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance; Homeowners Insurance. 
  • Credit Programs:  NEA Visa credit card, MasterCard, or NEA Accelerated Rewards American Express card --- all with no annual fee.
  • Loan and Mortgage Programs
  • Investment Programs:  NEA sponsored CD, offered by Bank of America.
  • NEA Car Rental Program:  Get preferred member rates when you rent from Hertz, Alamo, or Enterprise.  
  • Jenny Craig—members and their dependents can receive a free 30-day program.
  • Costco Wholesale:  Receive coupons for free products and other savings valued at more than $40 with your membership.
  • Many, many more--- For a complete description, visit neamb.com and click on Member Benefits link or call toll free 1-800-637-4636,

* Remember, maintaining your membership with NCRSP (which includes the unified dues with NEA, NCAE, district and local) allows you to purchase and maintain NEA insurance(s).  Having an NEA-R Life membership alone does not allow you these benefits.

The organization mission emphasizes four main issues of concern to our members:

  • The protection of the State Health Plan and the security of the State Retirement System. 
  • Current information on Health and Safety issues to enhance the retirement experience. 
  • Community service with an emphasis on service to public education which allows our members to continue to have an impact in their local communities. 
  • Legislation, both state and national that impacts retired life. 

Other benefits are:

1. Two member lobbyists to guide members as they work through association channels in grassroots efforts on member’s behalf.  They also collaborate with other retiree groups such as NCRGEA, NCAE,  and SEANC , to present a unified legislative plan to the Legislature to assure benefits such as: 
  • Cost of Living increases 
  • Maintaining coverage under our Health Plan 
  • Assuring the formula is sufficient to keep the Retirement system solvent 
  • Monitoring the Treasurer’s office and Retirement System for maximum advantage from investments while protecting the security of the funds. 
  • Working in tandem with groups at the national level like NEA and AARP/NRTA to assure retiree issues are addressed appropriately in the Congress.  Impact issues her have been Government Pensions Offset and Windfall Elimination, the battle against privatizing Social Security, and a stronger, cheaper Medicare Drug Plan. 

2.  Publications:  Panorama, This Active Life, and NEA Today. 

3.  Your Membership/Access Card:  
  • When you register your membership discount/Access card number either by phone or email you then have access to thousands of discounts and savings.  If you go on line and enter your zip code you can locate anyone in your area who will give you savings by showing the card. Savings include such things as discounts on Hearing Aids,    restaurants, Curves discount, gold greens fees discounts, and many-many more.

  • You continue to be eligible for all fringes offered by NCAE and NEA.  

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