Awards Program

NCRSP is very proud of the work our local units do for their members, public education, and local communities. Using the NCAE BLUE RIBBON LOCALS PROGRAM as an example, NCRSP, through the Gold Star Awards Program, will begin to recognize and reward units that have an outstanding program. This is a comprehensive program that includes all previous awards, with the exception of Distinguished Service. Local units achieving this prestigious status will be determined and announced at the 2015 NCRSP Fall Board meeting, recognized in Panorama, and the 2015 NCRSP Convention. Applications for Gold Star status and with verification document will be due to the Awards Chairman by June 30, 2015. Local units should submit application each year to allow NCRSP to recognize work accomplished.

To achieve Gold Star status, level one or two, each local unit must:
1. Meet NCRSP State Goals established by the NCRSP Board for local programming and service for our members.
2. Earn a minimum of 100 points using Optional Choices listed in chart.