2020 Public Policy Priorities


NCRSP has adopted 2020 Public Policy Priorities.  The North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) 2020 Short Session continues. Below are some bills of interest to NCRSP members along with a link to the bill page on the NCGA website. (rev. 6/10/20)   COLA S 851: One-Time Retiree Supplement/Funds This bill will provide a one-time $500 benefit supplement to TSERS retirees. H 876: 1% COLA/Bonus/TSERS Funds This bill, filed during the 2019 Session, would provide a permanent 1% COLA as well as … Read More

Members Petition for 5% COLA increase


In the past ten years, retirees have had three 1% cost of living adjustments (COLA) while inflation has been at 19% or more.  We are 15% behind the rate of inflation according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  In April 2019, members of NCRSP voted to ask for a 5% COLA to be allocated in the state budget. NCRSP members share their personal stories while petitioning legislators for a COLA. NCRSP June 5 Press Conference Beth Denton, Franklin County Christine … Read More