A key benefit of NCRSP membership is engagement on public policy issues impacting retirees. The NCRSP Legislative Chairs Committee, with representatives from every region of the state, works with NCRSP’s staff and lobbyist to develop annual Public Policy Priorities that expresses the issues and positions that drive lobbying and other advocacy activities. NCRSP’s members are encouraged to develop relationships with their state legislators, and NCRSP provides resources to help its members be effective, non-partisan advocates on retiree issues. NCRSP also encourages its members to participate in elections by being registered, educated, and active voters.

2020 Agenda & Legislation

The North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned the 2019-2020 Legislative Session sine die. The 2021 Session is scheduled to begin on January 13, 2021.

NCRSP’s 2020 Public Policy Priorities

2019-2020 State Legislation of Interest

Advocacy Resources

NCRSP is providing the following resources to help you be the best advocate you can be on the retiree issues impacting you. We hope you will get to know the elected officials that represent you. They can best represent you when they know you and your interests.

Effectively Communicate with Your Public Officials.

Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting with Legislators