Dear NCRSP Leaders:

Please call or e-mail the state senators listed below immediately and ask them not to support S 467 -NC Retirement Reform.  What it means is that state personnel hired after July 1, 2018 would have to participate in 401k or 457 plans rather than the current defined benefit plan AND they would not be eligible to participate in the State Health Plan when they retire. The sponsors of this bill are also the Co-Chairs of the committee so it will likely pass the committee, but we need to oppose this with all of our might. This bill is bad for so many reasons. It takes away guaranteed benefits for future employees making it even harder to recruit and maintain quality employees in education and government. It would also shrink the risk pool on which current retirees depend. Why mess with a retirement system that has worked well for over 70 years?

A hearing is scheduled for early this afternoon. Call or click the name below to  e-mail the following senators IMMEDIATELY.


Co-Chairman Sen. Ronald J. Rabin
Co-Chairman Sen. Bill Rabon
Co-Chairman Sen. Andy Wells
Members Sen. Jay J. ChaudhuriSen. Rick HornerSen. Jeff Jackson


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Dear Senator _______________:


Our state retirement system is one of the strongest in the nation. It does NOT need to be “reformed.” Vote against S467!


[your name]