Benefits of Membership - Membership is the gateway to benefits and programs. 

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Membership Benefits

  Immediate national membership benefits of NEA 

  Immediate state membership benefits of NCAE

  Immediate region and local association  

  Social and professional involvement with colleagues      

  Leadership and learning opportunities

  Interface with policymakers and candidates

 ✓  Publications: NCRSP Panorama, NCAE news, and NEA Today-Retired

   Complimentary Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance: $7,500 coverage with payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit card, or payroll deduction; or $2,500 coverage given for cash pay of annual dues. Already a member LINK? 

   Access to more life insurance products through NEA Life Insurance, and NEA Lifetime members can access additional exclusive coverages. Use your NCRSP membership number to register your beneficiary's name here

 ✓  Membership discounts and savings for dining, car purchases, cruises, car rental, electronics, theme park and movie tickets, discounts for dining, shopping, travel, credit cards, and more

  Availability of all NEA insurance programs: life, vision, dental, home, auto, pet, life, flood, health, long term care, boat, recreational vehicles, etc.

  Access to certain legal services at reduced rates through the Attorney Referral Program

  Discounts on hearing products with Hear in America (1-800-286-6149)

  If you need your NCRSP Membership Number, contact us here (1-800-662-7924)

Your membership includes rights in NEA and NCAE:


When you’re a member of your local education association, you’re also an NEA member. Your membership gives you special access not only to professional support, but also to the breadth of personal resources available through NEA Member Benefits.


There are so many great deals, programs and resources available to NEA members through that we made a list of 5 simple things you can do today to get started – to make it easy to get what you need.

1 - Register with the NEA Travel Program to receive $500 NEA Travel Dollars, which you could use on your first booking.

2 - Follow NEA Member Benefits on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest information and discounts.

     3 - Designate your beneficiaries on your complimentary life insurance coverage.

4 - Sign up for our free e-newsletters: NEA Travel, NEA Member Shopper’s Guide and the Financial Whiteboard series.

5 - Check out the NEA Student Debt Navigator to see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness or payment reduction.

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