Becoming a member of NCRSP is the gateway to a variety of benefits and programs through numerous organizations.

One benefit for our members is our registered lobbyist. She works with the NC General Assembly and other retiree groups such as NCRGEA, NCAE, and SEANC for a unified legislative plan to be presented to the Legislature. This assures review of benefits such as annual cost of living adjustments (COLA) and employer contributions to the retirement investment fund.

Our lobbyist also works to protect key provisions of the State Health Plan which includes:

  • No retiree premium
  • Possible lowest out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Unlimited lifetime maximum medical benefit

What is included in membership dues?

  • National (NEA) * Click the link to see the benefits of membership with NEA.
  • State (NCAE)
  • Retired (NCRSP) Regional & Local

NCRSP members receive free Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverage worth $7,500 or $2,500 based on payment selection for annual dues!

All members can obtain insurance through NEA Life Insurance.  NEA Lifetime members can obtain additional exclusive insurance coverage.

What types of insurance and discounts can I receive?

Admin Council Members:

Below is a summary about the Humana plan which includes the questions Joan asked me to look into. All of our members need to get this information so they will be aware of what is happening and when to expect more information.

May 27, 2020
Planning is under way for the State Health Plan’s recently announced transition to Humana for the Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage members will continue their current benefits with UnitedHealthcare for the remainder of 2020.

All members currently covered under UnitedHealthcare will be moved to Humana for the 2021 benefit year, which begins January 1, 2021. (Roberta Hamby from the SHP verified there was no change in the date of implementation because the contracts were already signed back in March.)

Members will continue to have a choice: (1) Humana Medicare Advantage Base plan or (2) Humana Medicare Advantage Enhanced plan or (3) Blue Cross NC 70/30 Plan.

Open Enrollment is set for October 15-31, 2020. Members will receive information on the options available between the end of August and mid-September so members can look it over before Open Enrollment begins. Educational events will be held with some meetings on site, webinars, and the Tele-Town Meetings. Information on dates and locations will be sent in August to all members. It’s always on the SHP website ( as well.

Comparing the three plans: If you would like a quick look at the cost comparison for the 70-30 plan versus the Basic or Enhanced Medicare Advantage Plans click on the link below. Pay particular attention to slides 4,5,6,7.

Silver Sneakers: The Humana Medicare Advantage Plans will offer Silver Sneakers for all members.

Formulary Costs: The tiers for the medications and the costs of each are still being decided which includes Insulin. It should be released in middle to late August.

Medicare eligible dependent: Those retirees on the Humana Medicare Advantage plans can cover their dependents, but the cost of the premium is undecided.

Spouses: A spouse can be covered, but the cost has not been determined.

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